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Kitchen gadgets

Hi - 

    All this talk about favorite kitchen gadgets has me salivating!
I love kitchen gadgets. When I lived in a Royal Oak, Michigan,  I'd go
to the mall to buy a blouse that I desparately needed  - "wander" into
the housewares department, and  go home with a new casserole dish, or a
gadget that I didn't  have, and just keep  wearing the same old blouse.
    My favorite gadgets  are a Krups coffee grinder that I use for
grinding spices, and a hand-held gadget for juicing  lemons. It's about
the size  of the old darning egg. (You do remember darning eggs, don't
you?:) From the tip of the tool  to the end of the handle, it's
six-and-a-quarter inches long, the hand-held end three and a quarter
inches, and the top part somewhat egg shaped, two-and-a -half inches,
with deep grooves all around, and a 1/2 inch point at the end.  I find
myself reaching for this almost every day. When you've cut a lemon in
half, it's so easy to insert the point, twist, and voila!  juice! It's
replaced the traditional lemon reamer in my kitchen.     I still have
the reamer, but I  no longer use it.
    Another favorite is the potato ricer. It's so quick and easy, and 
you can serve lumpless "mashed potatoes" in minutes. 
     (Is this a genetic thing? My dad used to bring kitchen gadgets home
to my mother. One thing he brought her was a jar opener - something like
a pair of big pliers only with a great ring at the end lined with
corrugated rubber. It was the neatest thing for opening jars - I've
never seen one since that was as effective.) 
       I think I need to go buy a blouse --