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Kitchen Gadgets

Well, I think that I'm sold on the flexi-plastic cutting boards,
so I'll have to look for those.

I don't think that my wife and I could live without our rice
cooker.  Yes, yes, I know...I've read numerous posts from those
of you skilled enough to make perfect rice on the stovetop or in
the oven, and I've tried all of the suggested methods.

Evidently, my wife and I are, well, pathetic rice cookers.
No matter what we do, it turns out cruddy.

However, a silly $17 Wal-Mart rice cooker spews out warm, fluffy
rice all of the time.  Unfortunately, it was a mess to clean -- rice
*always* stuck to the bottom.

Then, one day, a package arrived from my uncle, who had just returned
from Hong Kong.  Inside, we found an item resembling Mork's ship.
Turned out to be the mother of all rice cookers, equipped with, 
as the packaging shouted mercilessly, "fuzzy logic."

Well, I saw a copy of this -- a Zoji -- in the Williams Sonoma catalog
for $329.  I'm happy that we received it as a gift, because we can *not*
live without it, and we're happy not to spend $329 on it.

It's rather frighteningly wonderful....it makes an obscene amount
of rice, and, the pan is nonstick.  It truly is, too -- *nothing*
has stuck.

It has options for, oh, 4 kinds of rice, plus a timer (you want rice
when?  You got it...), keep warm, and reheat functions.

It includes a steamer rack as well, has a retractable cord, and even
a rice-paddle holder.

Okay...enough about the rice cooker.

You folks in Canada may not have access to the faux dairy products,
but geez, those of you in Ontario have a pretty good time of it
at Zehr's/Loblaw's/Supercentre, don't you?

You have PC *everything* !!  So much cool veggie stuff that I'm ready
to make the 22 hour drive just to buy some.  Plus, you get all of the
Yves stuff at less than half of what it costs in Florida.  And you
get Timmy's coffee, too....*pout*



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