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Re: Yogurt

Meryl wrote:
> I've been eating yogurt daily (Dannon light) with breakfast to boost my 
> protein and calcium.  However, I really don't like to eat products with 
> Aspartame, but the regular yogurt has twice the calories.  Does anyone 
> know of any yogurt brands that have a good amount of protein and calcium, 
> but remain low in calories?  
Get any plain nonfat yogurt (when I was eating yogurt regularly I liked
Nancy's), and add your own flavorings.  That way you can control the
amount of sugar and calories added.  You can add fruit, or fruit jams,
or just a little vanilla and sweetening.  My favorite dessert used to
be plain yogurt with a little cocoa, a little vanilla and/or cinnamon,
and just a little sugar or maple syrup or molasses (fortunately, I
like my chocolate bittersweet, so I didn't add much sweetening).

Jane		jane@xxxxxxxxxx