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FF onion and mushroom gravy

Okay, I'm on the McDouglal Program for Maximum Weight Loss.  I've lost
10 pounds in just over a week.  That means that my non-vegan no-fat
gravy is out.


Using a rotary slicer (but you can slice 'em thinly) I slice up about
half an onion and leave them in their natural rounds, but you can cut
'em into halves or quarters if you prefer.

Then I dice up a nice large white mushroom (but you can use just about
any mushroom you want).  I like about a cup's worth of diced mushroom. 
In a fairly small non-stick frying pay (NO non-stick [100% fat] sprays
added, please!) I crank the heat up as far as it will go.

Toss ALL the onions in all at once and start stirring as with a stir
fry.  The onions will start to brown faster than you think.  Keep 'em

When you see a nice golden brown, add the mushrooms all at once.  Don't
worry about the bulk, it will quickly begin to cook down.  Remember,
there is a lot of water in mushrooms and onions.

Keep stirring.  (The whole process takes only about five to ten minutes
from start to finish, but you're busy the whole tmie.)

As the mushrooms begin to reduce, add a couple of tablespoons of water
to deglaze the pan.

YES!  There it is, the beginning of your gravy.  

Experiment a bit.  I use a slurry of arrowroot to slowly pour into the
pan until I have the consistency I want, ten I add a little more water.

IMMEDIATELY pour over whatever it is you want to eat.

I've used it with steamed potatoes (pressure cookers, still the best way
to cook), Veggie burgers, hash browns.

Believe me, your taste buds will have a party like you won't believe.

Last night I sloshed some over yellow summer squash.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!