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Canning Baby Food

> I'm also interested in canning information. I have a small 
> over-the-refrigerator freezer section and it fills up really fast. I'm 
> tempted to try canning in the baby food jars, but don't want to poison my 
> baby by doing it wrong. Anyone out there with canning experience who 
> could help? The baby food jars have sort of a rubber seal that looks like 
> it would work.

You should be able to find 8oz and 4oz jars wherever they sell canning
supplies. Here in Oregon most of the groceries have a section. The
smaller jars are usually used for jams and jellies. For vegetable such
as you describe you would need to use a pressure canner. I picked mine
up at a yard sale for $5.00. In the stores they probably cost about $40.
Either Ball or Kern offers a small book for about $5.00 with directions
on how to can most foods. The offer is usually on a box of canning jars
or lids. Good luck with making your own baby food! 


Marie Finch
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