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vegan maple syrup/thanks Bev

Some have asked if maple syrup is vegan.  I believe I have heard a
controversy on this, it seems sometimes lard is used to keep the syrup from
boiling over.  My personal guess would be that this is an old practice and
that most producers today would use vegetable oil, easier and readily
available. But then I can't say for sure.  Any way, I eat a vegan diet and
I use maple syrup.  But then I also occasionally use honey.  My choice of a
vegan diet is for health reasons, as apposed to animal rights.  Tho, the
longer I do this the more the AR issues touch me.  Sigh, next thing you
now, I will stop wearing leather shoes and such.  Who knows.

Other vegan acceptable sweetners include molasses and sucanat, which is a
granulated sugar, not filtered, not pure white, and has a distinctive
flavor.  Also date sugar is a good choice, sort of like brown sugar only
better.  One more would be rice malt syrup or barley malt syrup.

And Bev,l thanks for the boost on the McDougall program, I keep on trying
but I don't have your strength of character, I am doing beter and better,