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Re: Beans & Broccoli Rabe

Maralyn wrote:
>prefer to use fresh so what I want to know is if I soak some beans over 
>night and cook them can I store in the freezer to use in recipes later?

Absolutely!  I always cook as many beans as will fit in my slow cooker and
freeze what I'm not using right away in pint size zipper-type freezer bags.
 You can thaw them before using in the refrigerator if you have time, in
the microwave, or, if you're using them with some sort of liquid (like
soup, stew, sauce, etc.), you can just dump them in frozen and let them
thaw as your dish cooks.  I try to keep several kinds of beans in my
freezer and it is very, very convenient (and inexpensive!).

Iowa City, Iowa