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Beans & Broccoli Rabe

Hello everyone,
           I am following MWLP and am finding it to be an effective and 
satisfying plan.I have had some great recipe ideas from this list thanks
everyone :0)
    However there are two things I'd like to ask please.
1. I have not cooked with beans before and I find (being the super 
organized person I am !!!!) that when I want to cook with beans I've 
forgotten to put them to soak and have to resort to tinned.I would 
prefer to use fresh so what I want to know is if I soak some beans over 
night and cook them can I store in the freezer to use in recipes later?
2. I have seen Broccoli Rabe mentioned several times but I've never 
heard of it here in the UK (I'm still searching for nutritional yeast in 
the UK so if anyone knows where I could buy it here in the UK let me 
know please!!)is there another name for Broccoli Rabe?