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Equivalent names

I started this list a while back and thought others such as Samantha 
might benefit.  There has been some controversy over some of the 
items, but on the whole, those of us in UK, South Africa and 
Australia / New Zealand will be able to relate to them.
Please add to it and mail back to me if you come up with others.

Garbanzos		=	Chick-peas
Yuba		=	Soya bean skin
Cilantro		=	Coriander
Capsicum		=	Green/red peppers
Zucchini		=	Baby marrow (long marrow)
Egg fruit		=	Aubergine/brinjal
Summer squash	=	eg: baby marrows, patty pan etc.
Fava Beans		=	Broad beans (this causes arguments in the list)
Lima Beans	=	Broad beans (so does this)
Beets		=	Beetroot
Frances Watts
for Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise