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Chewy Muffins

        I can't pretend to have the secret to perfect muffins, but have
found that if I treat the batter VERY carefully (i.e. next-to-no stirring),
they don't tend to be as rubbery/chewy when finished.  The more gluten-free
products you add, the more tender they become, as well.  Instead of actually
stirring the batter, I "lift and turn" it until it's fairly well mixed.  I
also use more baking powder than the original recipes called for to
compensate for the loss of the eggs (I'm vegan); just be careful not to add
too much or they taste whangy (that's a real word in Missouri).  Good luck!


>In the last few weeks I have been trying to perfect a fat-free, and
>preferably sugar-free, muffin.  I have made a few attempts, and they all
>come out chewy and tasteless - depending upon the fruit used.  

     Jane Smith		           			
     Special Collections, Pickler Memorial Library                     
     Truman State University (formerly NMSU)		
     Kirksville, Missouri  USA