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New fruit (?) for me!

          Hello all,

          I moved on Saturday (and if you live in the midwest you know
          what a JOY that was this weekend, with the cold rainy sleet
          and so on...but I could have been in Denver so I can only
          complain a little!), and in my search for places to buy food
          stumbled on this lovely fruit market.  My old house was
          nowhere near a decent fruit market, so this was a great
          discovery for me.

          Anyways, looking at piles of fresh fruit and veggies at
          CHEAP prices for Chicago in November (I got pineapples for
          69 cents each!!!!!) I saw something I have kind-of heard of
          but never eaten.

          And it was....a PERSIMMON!  It looked like a orange
          bell-pepper to me but I assume it is a fruit as the sign
          said "sweet and delicious."

          So I bought a few, but don't know how to eat them or what I
          can make with them.  Any suggestions?


          tiffany, living out of boxes because un-packing is SUCH a