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pie crust questions

In the archives are two pastry crust recipes from Michelle, one made with
milk and the other with Rice Dream.  Last week, I made the tofu pumpkin pie
(also from the archives) using the vegan crust . . . it was a big hit with
my hard-to-please-with-desserts husband (thank you, thank you!!!).  I had a
hard time with the crust, however, and I'm guessing it's because I have no
experience or knowledge about working with pastry-type doughs.  Questions:

---  Any clues about preventing the crust from sticking to the wax paper?  
I had to throw out one crust and piece together the second.  The recipe
said to repeatedly flour the dough/wax paper while rolling it out, which I
did.  I was concerned at first about adding too much flour to the dough,
but on the second try, I was more than liberal with the flour, and I tried
to stiffen the dough in the fridge for a few minutes.  The non-vegan recipe
doesn't mention the sticking problem.  Does milk help solve it?

--- Any idea why the bottom of my crust might have blackened/burnt a bit?
I used a pyrex pie dish and cooked until the filling passed the toothpick
test.  My gas oven tends to run a little hot, so I always lower the temp a
bit.  Doing that, the cooking times work out, and I don't usually have a

Another note, rather than a question.  I cut off the top edges of the crust
so that we didn't have the "rock hard" rim problem Michelle noted in the
recipe.  My filling completely filled the crust, without spilling over.
(An inedible rim would have discouraged my husband right off.)  Worked fine.

I'm ready to make more pies, now that I know how to make a crust.  If you
have any clues to help me do a better job of it, I'd love to know!  Thanks.

--di coldiron