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Halloween ideas

For Halloween - I saved this from some list - I don't think it was this one,
but I may be mistaken:

My sister-in-law makes green jello and puts gummy worms. Or you could
make the dirt dessert and put the gummy worms in it also.

The dirt dessert, you take instant chocolate or vanilla pudding, make
according to the directions on the package, mix it with coolwhip. Put
into a flower pot (or bowl that looks like a flower pot). Take the cream
center out of a package of oreo cookies, crush the waffer part and
spread over the top of the pudding mixture. Add the gummy worms as
decoration. You can also put fake flowers or a plant in it to make it
look more like dirt. This is really very tasty.

You can also take balloons, blow them up and put white sheets over them,
and hang them in the trees around your house. You can also have a pumpkin
carving contest.

How about having a feeling "booth" rig up a cardboard box and section it
off so that you can put different things in and cover it up so that
nobody can see what they are feeling. Put liver in a bowl and tell them
it is brains, put grapes in another bowl and tell them they are eyeballs,
spaghetti can be used as veins (let your imagation run wild here!)

Zoe in Santa Cruz