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re: answering criticism

I wrote in the other day, looking for some light responses to inquiries
about my dietary habits. 

Norma wrote: 

>I am frequently asked why, so I simply tell them the truth - 
>"I have seen too many horrifying and sickening sights 
>in the slaughterhouse exposes. Would you let me to tell you 
>about some of it?"

Thanks for replying to my question, Norma, but with absolutely no offense
intended, I'm going to say that wasn't really the kind of thing I was
looking for. NOT that this response wouldn't be a VERY true statement,
coming from me!!! But I am trying to look for something that is a little
less confrontational. 

Vegetarians get a BAD rap a lot of the time. They are often seen as
extremists that always want to push an agenda on others, and make them feel
bad about what they eat. I know this is NOT true of all of us. But, like any
other controversial or divisive topic (religion, politics, reproductive
rights, etc.) I feel that there are ways of making one's stance known
without getting up on a soapbox about it. The minute one makes a challenging
statement like the one above, vegetarianism becomes an "issue" where one
chooses "sides". 

I understand all this, and I know that for some people, this is an important
agenda to promote. If a friend individually inquired about why I eat the way
I do, I might say something similar. But in my situation, what I'm looking
for is something I can say to my great aunt over Thanksgiving dinner that
will promote a chuckle around the table rather than an arguement. 

Any ideas?