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Dried/Roasted peas

I picked up a bag of dried peas from a vendor at a craft fair the other
day.   They were selling dried fruits and veggies of all kinds. They are
very hard (like nuts) and have a garlic, spice coating on them.  They are
to be eaten like snacks--right from the bag and are very tasty.  There
was no nutritional information on the bag.  Does anyone know if these
are fattening and whether they are nutritous?  This sure seems like a
nice way to eat peas, and they are so tasty.  However, I've found if
snacks are too tasty, they usually aren't good for me or aren't nutritious. 
They are also $4.50 per half pound.  So, more importantly, does anyone
know how to make something like this without purchasing some special

Mary Ellen