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RECIPE: Chocolate Sorbet

<<Really?  I could have sworn Hagen Daas chocolate sorbet had dairy... the
only one I've ever found that doesn't is Ben & Jerry's.  I'll have to
double-check.  Now I'm all excited.>>

I'd be surprised if it does have dairy (technically, sherbet has dairy, not
sorbet).  Sorbet is just frozen, flavored, sweetened liquid of some sort
(sometimes just flavored sugar syrup).  Here is a recipe I LOVE for
Chocolate Sorbet:

Chocolate Sorbet
from David Burke (fabulously creative chef of chefs)

2 cups water
3/4 c. sugar
3 T. corn syrup
5 T. cocoa

Combine all ingredients and heat on stove 10-15 minutes until cocoa aroma
blooms (or 5 min. in microwave).  Cool and put in ice cream maker or
popsicle molds.

I love this!

can substitute 2 T. liqueur (or some extract?) for 2 T. water .. like
Framboise, Hazelnut, etc .. or just flavored syrups (like for coffee)?

to compare recipes, another by someone else is:

1 c  cocoa
3/4 c  sugar
2 1/2 c  water
1 ts vanilla extract

Hope you like it,