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FatFree - McDougall Weight Loss

Jan wrote:

I am doing the McDougall weightless program (well, as best as I can :-)),

Oh, how I long to be weightless myself! :)

and got the hungries for pasta.  So....spaghetti squash to the rescue!  Not

I made a spicy tomato sauce to which I added tofu italian style sausage,

I just bought the Maximum Weight Loss book last weekend and I'm still
reading through it, but I thought tofu was not allowed, either, not just
flour products? I have a box of "fake" sausage in the freezer right now for
my DH to eat but I didn't have any because I thought tofu was a no-no. Is
this something I mis-read or is it allowed later on, after the goal weight
has been reached? I hate the thought of a naked spagetti squash myself and
I'm so tempted to use those "sausages" or even make some seitan non-meat balls!
Sue in NJ 
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