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FatFree - Krispies vs Puffed Rice

Bala! :-)

> What is  puffed rice?  Do you mean Rice Krispies or is this something
> special?
I mean the stuff rice cakes and rice krispie treats are made out of. You
can get just the puffed rice (they dry roast rice grains till they puff

I just joined this list so I don't know the beginning of this thread, BUT I
have to comment here. Rice Krispies are a toasted kind of rice cereal, the
ones that Snap, Krackle & Pop and make up those delicious Rice Krispie
Treats. Puffed Rice is a different cereal put out by Quaker, I think, along
with many other cereal companies under different names. This is the type of
rice cereal in rice cakes. When I was a kid this was "the cereal shot from
guns" in the commercials. This would make a really mush rice krispie treat. :)

I apologize, I'm so used to going to Indian grocery stores to get this 
stuff, I didn't realize this may be a strange sounding ingredient. You

It's not strange. These can be found in any American grocery store.

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Sue in NJ 
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