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special dinners

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Ivette Gibbe wrote:

> >...I would like to ask one request. My boyfriend and I eat ff,
> >and we will be celebrating our anniversary soon and I would like to make a
> >very nice dinner for him. You know candle light and that. 

Well, for Valentine's last year, my husband made artichokes for an 
appetizer, and jerk tofu with roasted vegetables and garlic mashed 
potatoes for the entree.  Some of the recent suggestions for Thanksgiving 
meals might also be nice--squash or pumpkins stuffed with pilafs, that 
sort of thing.  Though I usually have just a single dish for supper most 
nights, for fancy dinners, it's nice to have a "main item" and side 
dishes.  Side dishes shouldn't be too hard to figure out, so choosing the 
semi-fancy main dish will be your main task.
For the dessert, my husband made a pineapple frozen yogurt type thing 
(yes, he's great), which I think was a lot of work.  Poached pears would 
probably be good and elegant.  Hmmm, I had a brown sugar angel food cake 
with blueberry sauce last year which was the best angel food cake I've 
ever had.  I didn't make it myself, so it might not have been completely 
fatfree, but I don't see how you would add fat to angel food cake.  It 
was from Martha Stewart, and I can get my friend to give me the recipe if 
you want it.  

Good luck!

Susan Lehman