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Re: Giving in to cravings

> "Oh, you just *have* to have a <fill in the blank with 
>an extremely sweet, extremely high-fat dessert or other high-fat food>", 
>only to find that, when you finally give into the craving, your mouth 
>(and/or stomach) says, "So, this is what all the fuss is about?  Why did 
>you even bother eating this?  It's not all that great." 

I suspect you have changed your diet a lot lately and the mind is 
still on the old way of thinking and eating and the tastebuds and 
stomach moved on with the new way more quickly and easliy.  Besides, 
I'm sure less fat and sugar is more natural, so the body would 
naturally feel more comfortable with better food (and without 
intense junk).

You probably need a pat on the back behind that foolish feeling.

But to answer your question, (does this happen to other people?), 
you bet.  The brain (habits) is apparently years behind the body.  
The tastebuds somewhere in between.  You do eventually learn, at 
least to some degree, but it sure seems to be a slow process.