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Dinner parties (Was SAD family members)


  Often I hear about people making dinner for SAD friends and having
meat items for them and tofu or whatever for themselves and complaining
that the SAD friends won't try the tofu.

  I've never had a problem with people not eating my food and they
usually want the recipies and look forward to coming over.  Why?
Because I make things that are relatively familiar, I eat the same
things I've made for them, and I NEVER mention that it's fat free unless
someone specifically asks.

  To the average person, tofu, eggplant, etc are "weird"  I would
*never* dream of serving them to someone unless I know they liked them.
I also wouldn't serve something without trying it first.  Someone
mentioned a guest throwing up after eating something with a meat
substitute...to be honest, I've almost thrown up after eating a couple
of things I've found in the archives!  Make sure it's something really
good before serving it to others.

  I serve things that seem so normal to the average person and I've
never been asked where the meat is.  Somethings I'll serve is lasagne,
other pasta dishes, bean and veggie salads, hummus with veggies, chile,
tamale pie, bruschetta.  When it comes to desserts that's another story.
I have yet to find a FF dessert that I thought was edible that wasn't
for the summer (fruit, sorbet, etc).  So I usually make a really good
dessert that might be closer to (if not slightly over) the 30% CCF.

Anyway, just some thoughts I wanted to share as I was reading these
types of threads and with the holidays coming.


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