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How to use dill?

Hi everyone,

The quest for food continues.

I visited the fast food chain Boston Market yesterday - and was very proud
of myself for sticking with steamed veges, and salad w/o dressing while the
person in front on me pigged out on half a ch***n and crunched up the sk*n.

They have a side of new potatoes with dill (weed?) which were delicious. 
There is a recipe for new potatoes with garlic etc in the archives, which 
includes dill.

Now, never having used dill before, I'd like some pointers on how to use
it. Should I buy the dried stuff, the green spiky stuff and chop it up, 
use only the leaves and discard the stem, use all of it?? 

Thanks for your input,

Bala (for whom this list is becoming a major source of support for staying
on the diet).