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Re: What to say...

I don't eat meat because:
*I don't eat anything that had a mother.
*I can't stand the sight of blood.
*I hate getting fur stuck in my teeth.
*I don't eat anything that had a face/eyes.
*I don't bite anything that could bite me back.
*I don't eat anything that nurses its young.
*My doctor recommends a veg*n lifestyle.
*My guru said I shouldn't.

Here are two quotes from Victoria Moran that I found in "May All Be Fed:
Diet For A New World" by John Robbins.

"You can say no to any food offered you by any person on this planet.
If that person is offended, there's a problem, but the problem isn't

"The only foods you need to release are those that are harmful to you in
some way:  foods that you obsess over, that are nutritionally inferior,
and that inhibit the clear head and clear heart you need to allow love
to enter your life."