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Linda's quandry

Oh the cravings!  They are such dependable little fellows.  Only thing more 
dependable is grey hair.  We all get 'em Linda.  We all deal in our own way.  I 
generally make a lf or ff substitution of the "real thing" and still have 
guilt.  One of my cravings is for CHOCOLATE.  See, it even hits my keyboard.  
Anyway, I make a mousse with lf tofu - probably not lf enough for the list so I 
won't post it, and consider myself guilty anyway.
Crunchy, salty carvings?  Try shredded wheat squares (the little guys) with soy 
or tamari sprinkled on and give it good bake.  Gotta have some banana pudding?  
Go for the agar agar, ff soy or ff rick milk, vanilla and do your thing.  
Upshot: the substitution may not be the well known and loved comfort food from 
days gone by, but it may be just reminiscent enough to make you think about 
something else for a day or to!  :-)  Susan