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if you hate brown rice:

Kellie, have you tried the "instant" brown rices from Minute Rice and Uncle 
Ben's?  I don't like them much because I have the opposite opinion - I hate 
white rice.  I use the instant brown rice occasionally as a convenience, 
but its white-rice like separateness and lack of flavor turn me off.  Maybe 
they will appeal to you for the same reasons they DON'T appeal to me!
They aren't instant, of course, they take about 10 minutes total.  They are 
par-boiled, and may not be quite as whole grain.

I realize that this is somewhat heretic, but rice is just not that high in 
bran no matter what compared to other grains.  I personally do best when we 
do not concentrate totally on brown rice and eat more wild rice, barley, 
and whole wheat.   Maybe a handful of a different whole grain tossed into 
your white rice would be a good compromise?  Or just really step up the 
vegetable to rice ratio.   Like you say, if you don't like it, you won't 
eat it - I have never reconciled my tastebuds with millet, and quinoia 
always self-destructs in my kitchen.