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re: MWLP & red peppers

I know, I'm a little behind on my digests, but I wanted to address this
in case it is not answered in some of the future digests I'll be reading
this afternoon.  

I believe that plenty of "green and orange vegetables" is simply a
manner of indicating that people following the plan should eat plenty of
non-starchy vegetables, rather than outlining each individual vegetable
that is acceptable, like yellow summer squash and eggplant. Anyway, I
understand this to mean that any vegetable that is not starchy (like
potatoes or corn) or a legume (like lentils and lima beans) should make
up the majority of your diet to assist in rapid weight loss.  If I am
wrong, someone please correct me.

One more thing, I misplaced my copy of the list guidelines and was
wondering if there was any way to switch from digest format to
individual e-mails without unsubscribing and resubscribing?  PLease

Leah in Cleveland, Ohio