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rice cookers

I too have a Asian-style rice-cooker.  It is an Hitachi.  I first got
one after seeing my Chinese friends use them in college.  They must have
had about 5 or 6 going at the same time!  About four years ago, I bought
another to be able to do rice and veggies at the same time.  It was $35,
on sale at Target.
	It does OK for long grain brown rice, but I have trouble with the short
grain.  It's either too mushy or too dry.  I did find a waay to cook
brown rice that seems OK so far.  It is in Lorna Sass's _Vegetariaan
Cooking Under Pressure_.  You cook it in the pressure cooker in another
container.  Works great and fast.
	We all prefer white rice but eat mostly brown for all the healthy

Kate Bilinski