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Psych 101

Hello, all!

Now that I've finally caught up on my back digests, I have a general 
question to ask.  Does anyone else find that their brain tells them 
something like, "Oh, you just *have* to have a <fill in the blank with 
an extremely sweet, extremely high-fat dessert or other high-fat food>", 
only to find that, when you finally give into the craving, your mouth 
(and/or stomach) says, "So, this is what all the fuss is about?  Why did 
you even bother eating this?  It's not all that great."  I ask because it 
seems like that's what's been happening to me lately.  I'll crave 
something for a long time, finally give in and eat it, and then realize 
it's not all my mind thought it would be.  Of course, I then feel pretty 
stupid for having given in to my craving in the first place.

So, does this happen to other people?  Do the cravings sort of go away 
after you've been eating "healthy" for long enough?  Or are the cravings 
always there, but you just learn to ignore them?  I'd really love to hear 
what other people have to say about this....