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Re: Celery

For Dala looking for ways to make celery taste better, the reason it tastes
better in restaurants is that they generally peel it and probably soak it.
The "skin" is what is bitter. However, from what I understand, celery has 
very little nutritional value anyway, so removing the skin removes what 
little there is.

To maintain the maximum nutrients, try scrubbing the skin well.  This 
removes most of the bitterness (the hard, stringy part) but leaves some
nutrients.  Cut off the top and bottom (exposed and sometimes a bit
brown) edges and make sure it is nice and clean.  You may or may not like 
the leaves - sometimes these are also bitter. You can soak it in water in 
the fridge, but this probably ends up removing some of the nutrients.

If you still think it's bitter, just peet it.  Better that than eating
the wrong thing.  It's always been considered a dieter's friend because
it is so low in calories and you can eat "unlimited" amounts and its
texture replaces some of the "crunch" found in snack foods.  
I also like it chopped up and added to other dishes, especially rice. 
I put it in raw when the rice is done and the heat from the cooked rice
softens it just slightly and it gets a delicious taste and maintains its
crunch. Try it in a stir fry or with other cooked dishes and you will 
see it absorbs the other flavors and doesn't taste much like celery anyore.
It's also very good as one of the vegetables to use when making soup.

One thing about celery if you're not familiar with it.  Don't put the
peelings in the garbage disposal.  The strings can get tangled and cause
a problem.  Throw them in the garbage or compost pile.

In the very end, if you find you just can't learn to like celery, I sure
wouldn't worry about it!  There are still any other foods to eat that are
good for you.

Natalie in Milwaukee