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Powdered Buttermilk

For BrightSol@aol and interested others:

For many years I have used Saco Cultured Buttermilk
powdered blend for baking and its quite
LF and is a wonderful have-on-hand buttermilk.  It takes 4
Tablespoons to make a cup and needs
refrigerator or freezing after opening.  The label says for
4T. it has less than 1 gram of total fat, 4
mg cholestrol and 166 mg sodium, 80 calories and 7 calories
from fat.  It has that wonderful
pungent fresh buttermilk smell to it and you should be able
to find it in your grocer's baking section
or with the evaporated and powdered milks.  The label says
they welcome e-mail about this product
at SacoFoods@xxxxxxx

If this is more fat than you wish to use, I think you could
sub powdered skim milk and a measure
of vinegar, depending on how much milk your recipe calls

Jo in Minnesota