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New member wants snacks

Hi all! I just joined the list and even though some of the notes for
list membership say to sit back and wait to see if the list is right for
a new member, I couldn't hold back. I've been nosing around the fat-free
web page and looking at list archives for some time now, and I feel like
the list will be a big help to me.

I do have a request for ideas or recipes and I hope I'm not asking list
members to repeat any recent requests. Here's my story -- I started
changing my health lifestyle about a year ago. I've never been horribly
unhealthy, but never horribly healthy either. Now, I'm just barely
pregnant with Baby Number Two. With One, I gained 50 lbs! I ate way more
than my fair share of junk -- way more than my baby's fair share, also.
If pregnancy Two goes the same as One, I'll be hungry -- all the time. I
don't want to gain 50 lbs again and I see this as even further
inspiration to stick to my new health standards.

I need snack ideas! I don't mind spending a Saturday afternoon in the
kitchen, mixing up a batch of  seasoned chickpeas, but I do work outside
the home, so I need something that's quick and easy to make (even
pre-packaged snacks are fine with me) and that I can just throw in my
lunch bag on my way out the door. I need variety -- the fickleness of
pregnancy. And my experience tells me that my snacks need to be
primarily high in protein.

Fruits and veggies are OK, of course, but again -- it is a pregnant
woman's prerogative to have instantaneous food aversions. Everyone is
different, high-protein snacks seemed to stave off morning sickness for
me. (Or afternoon sickness, or evening sickness or sickness at around

I have some recipes from the archives, but more are certainly welcome.
If you don't want to clog the list, feel free to send to me personally
at the e-mail address below.

By the way, it is my understanding that broccoli rabe is (are?) the side
shoots of the plant that are not usually harvested as the main flower
group is. I think it is also part of the plant that keeps growing after
harvest of the main flower. So if you're into gardening as well, and you
can grow broccoli in your climate (I try, but I can't -- brown
thumb...), you have have your broccoli and rabe too.


Bev Brandt