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srlng: Eating at people's houses...

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Subject: Eating at people's houses...
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 02:59:51 
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Dear Michele,
	I can totally sympathize with you. In 1989 I was so desperate to
lose a large amount of weight that I went on the Medi-Fast Program. While
you are on the fast you cannot eat ANY food or you can get deathly ill.
There were actually people who tried to get me to eat even when I told
them it would make me sick. "Oh come on, just a little won't hurt you..."
Have you EVER heard that line? I finally had to say  "Sure, I'll eat what
you want me to if you'll agree to rush me to the hospital while I'm
writhing in pain and vomiting!" They finally gave up.
	I guess the only thing that you can tell people, esp. family
members is that you are NOT going to eat that particular food because it
make you physically ill. If you were deathly allergic to almonds ( I have
a friend who is ) I doubt that they would try to make you eat them! Just
politely but FIRMLY tell them that you CANNOT eat that meat or whatever
or you will get sick. If someone really cares about you they won't try to
get you to eat something that causes you to be ill in any way.
	It does help to bring stuff along that you can eat. People feel
bad if they have you over  to eat and they find that, for whatever
reason, you can't eat what they made. But if you add what you brought
(make plenty, they just might like it!) to what they have provided for
the meal you should be able to "get away with it" without hurting
feelings or attracting too much attention.   Good luck, and if you need
help with recipes, I have TONS and love to share!    Be well...  MarySue
In lovely autumn-like Strafford, NH                                      
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