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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #231>> McDougall's list???;artichokes

In a message dated 97-10-07 08:34:18 EDT, you write:

<<  My wife and I had the 
 opportunity to discuss this with Dr. McDougall when he was
 in Seattle. He is starting to form an internet discussion
 group of VLF people, (which was actually my idea), and I 
 hope that these people can form clubs to get together.

How does one sign up for the list????????

BTW,  i dip artichoke in lemon juice to which i've added garlic powder or
crushed garlic and maybe a dash of salt.  it's yummy.   sometimes i will use
low-fat (soy) mayo with a little lemon and garlic.  

also, the new MWLP person who says never go hungry.  that's the secret! and
it is amazing how your appetite varies from day to day, from ravenous to
forget to eat...    cheers all,  joanna in dc