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Re: Beans (Mmmmmmmm)

Beverly Kurtin wrote:
> Dave, for goodness sakes never toss out beans unless they've really gone
> bad.  (If in doubt, throw them out!)
> Get some freezer bags about the size of the amount of beans you will eat in
> a typical meal.  After the cool down, put them into the bags and freeze
> them.

It's not supposed to be safe to let foods cool down before you put them
in the freezer or fridge.  During that time bacteria can grow. 
Supposedly it's safest to just put them away immediately. I can't
remember where I read this but it made an impression on me.  My husband
always wanted me to cool things down first because he thought it would
cause the fridge to work harder.  Maybe it does.  But after I read that
I changed my habits.