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Beans (Mmmmmmmm)

Dave, for goodness sakes never toss out beans unless they've really gone
bad.  (If in doubt, throw them out!)

Get some freezer bags about the size of the amount of beans you will eat in
a typical meal.  After the cool down, put them into the bags and freeze

They remain good for a month or more.

I use a pressure cooker to cook my beans, but this recipe will work with any
form of cooking those luscious black beans.  It's VERY simple and
measurements are not exact.

When you start cooking, add a whole sliced onion, two or three carrots and a
stalk or two of celery.

I like to dice my carrots to get all the sweetness from them and just chop
the celery.

Doggone it, now I'm hungry and it's after midnight!