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Tortilla Casserole

Very tasty, very quick and easy, vegan, vlf, mexican flavor... what more
do you expect from a college student?  Clearly you could make it from
fresher ingredients, but that wouldn't be as easy (although probably far
more tasty).  It's great hot and even better cold.

Tortilla Casserole
Makes 4 servings (my style)

1 can black beans
1 can no-fat/vegetarian refried beans
1 can enchilada sauce (I liked rosita's)
Whole bunch of corn tortillas, at least 20 or so
Raisins (optional)

Mix the beans and half the can of sauce in a bowl, then stir in the
raisins.  Cut the tortillas into six pieces.  In an 8x8 or whatever glass
or whatever pan, put in a good, solid, thick layer of tortillas.  Lay in
half the bean stuff, another layer of tortillas, the rest of the bean
stuff, and a final, even thicker, layer of tortillas.  Dump the rest of
the sauce on top, and cook until the top is getting slight crispy, perhaps
40-50 mins, 350 degrees.  Eat.