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baking powder

My s.o.and i have been thoroughly enjoying trying many of the posted
recipes. Our favorites so far are the zucchinin brownies and the squash
gravy!! Yummy. Last nite, we were making the corn bread and i decided to
"test" the baking powder by a method that is in "the joy of cooking". One
teaspoon powder in 1/3 cup of hot water. it should bubble
ENTHUSIASTICALLY!!. Well, the stuff at his house was FLAT and when i looked
at the bottom of the can it said 'expires 1996!!". He said it "seemed " to
work anyway. I said - well maybe it contiunes to work somewhat, but not
like it should. When i tested mine- which is not that old(expired sept. 97)
it wasn't too great , either. Any ideas about this? should one buy small
quantities in bulk?? And what about the different kinds?

Tonite , i was exhausted and decided to give a bag of frozen fatfree
"Potatoes o'brien " a shot mixed with frozen veggies. Pu t about 1/2 cup of
water in a pan and added all when it was sizzling. I let it boil dry(about
10 minutes0 and then stirred to get brown. It was fast and good and fatfree
BUT definitely needs some spicing up. Any ideas?? i ended up putting salsa
on it which was ok but i know i can do better. I'm real inexperienced with



Anni O'Shea
Human Being
"Life's a Circle. There's no sense backing up".