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Re: Matzo balls (again)


Marion wrote:

>I'm not sure where this all began and I no longer have the digests to write
>directly to those who were concerned, but there was a recent request for a
>recipe for light matzoh balls.  Someone suggested using baking soda to
>which I responded that the use of baking soda was unacceptable during
>Passover.  Someone else wrote back that that while baking powder was
>unacceptable, the use of baking soda was permitted during Passover.  Thus I
>began to wonder if I was mistaken although I have never seen "Kosher for
>Passover" baking soda in an American supermarket.  While I don't want to
>belabor the point, my source of information is the "The Complete
>American-Jewish Cookbook", edited by London & Bishov, copyright 1952.  It
>states on page 3 that "Foods eaten during the eight days of Passover differ
>from those of the rest of the year because of the prohibition of all
>leaven.  Foods containing baking powder, baking soda, and yeast are
It just goes to show that just because something is in a book doesn't mean
that it's true.  I wrote the letter you're referring to.  In the days I lived
in the States (I moved to Israel in 1980), baking soda was allowed during
Passover even without a hechsher (according to OU).  Here almost all baking
soda has a Passover hechsher all year long, and for Pesach baking powder
made with potato starch instead of corn starch is also available.  Baking
soda is just a chemical -- sodium bicarbonate -- nothing chometz about it.