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Low fat is not fatfree!  Low sugar is not sugarfree!  Low sodium is not

Diabetic people need special assistance from physicians and registered
dietitions.  The American Diabetic Association distributes many books and
other educational materials including conducting seminars.  They also have a
web site. Or contact your local hospital and local chapter for information.

Get real!  I have not found a forum as valuable as this one!  There are some
wonderful cooks in this group. 

Suggestions for those NOT under a doctor's care to reduce fat, salt and/or

Search on the word "vegetarian" or the word "vegan".  There are recipes,
groups, magazines, newsletters.  Most are NOT very low fat nor low sodium
nor low sugar! Their agenda is elsewhere.

The American Dietetic Association, Weight watchers, and TOPS all have sites
which are less restrictive.  Simply search on the words.  Their agenda may
be helpful to use for inspiration.  Weight Watchers uses too much meat and
TOPS is a support group for people with addictions and compulsions--and
uncooperative families.  There is also a "nofat" list on the internet.

If you don't like to cook, use frozen vegetables without sauces as well as
fresh fruit and vegetables.  Salads are a staple and easy in a hurry.  There
is no substitute for cooking it yourself from scratch!  And there is some
learning to cook without all that fat, salt and sugar.  Herbs and spices
seem to be the key.  But if you're really serious, stick with this group!