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Re: Oil Substitute

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:37:45 you wrote:
>Thanks for all the biscotti recipes, everyone! I have another request for
an oil substitute. I know someone mentioned something about prune baby food
as a substitute, but I didn't know what proportion of baby food equals what
proportion of butter. I have a recipe for reduced fat chocolate chip cookies
that calls for 1/2 cup of butter and I would rather not use any at all.
Also, if anyone has a fatfree version of chocolate chip cookies that would
be even better! Thanks again!

Based on Sandra Woodward' book, I would suggest using about 1/2 the amount of 
prune puree; ie., use 1/4 cup prune sub for 1/2 cup of
butter/margarine/solid shortening`called for in the recipe. With a recipe
using oil, she suggests
replacing the oil with 3/4 as much Prune Puree.

HOMEMADE PRUNE PUREE  from _Secrets of Fat-Free Baking_ by Sandra Woodward

3 ounces        pitted prunes (about 1/2 cup)
1 cup           water or fruit juice
2 tsp           lecithin granules (found in HFS)

Place all ingredients in a blender for food processor, and process at high speed
until the mixture is smooth.

Use immediately, or place in an airtight container and store for up to 3 weeks
in the refrigerator.

Yield: 1-1/2 cups

*Note -- Works well as a fat sub in all baked goods.  Fat is replaced by half 
as much of the puree, oil is replaced by 3/4 as much of the puree. "Wonderslim" 
(found in supermarkets) is interchangeable with Prune Puree. (Personally, I like
to use "Lighter Bake", another prune based sub.)