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Don't give up on your rutabagas

>PS--I notice nobody's got rutabaga recipes.  Hmmm....  I've decide to
>borrow my Dad's bandsaw to cut them, and I'm thinking of making doorknobs
>out of them.


Although Jan has posted some really great looking recipes for rutabaga, I'll
share the rather plain ways I have fixed them in the past.  In my meat eating 
days I used to always add cubes of rutabaga to my beef stew, which is basically 
just a gravy type dish. Haven't made it without meat, but "BeefNot" or 
something similar would work.  Or make it with just the vegies and serve 
over noodles or rice. Let me know and I'll send you the recipe (it's from an old
 _Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook_).

My grandmother used to peel, cube, boil, and drain, then mash rutabagas for 
Thanksgiving and we'd top with gravy.  I do not know for sure what she 
seasoned them with, probably butter, salt and pepper, but as a child I liked 
them! Yeah, I know, weird, but then I used to like liver as a kid too -- with 

When I oven roast vegies I sometimes include rutabagas along with sweet
potatoes, onions, potatoes (Yukon Gold are good this way), carrots, etc. all
peeled and cut into chunks of about the same size.  I season with a spray
of olive oil PAM, rosemary, oregano, whole garlic cloves and salt and pepper.  
Bake at 400 F for about an hour or more, turning every so often to evenly
brown.  (Tried fresh beets added to the mix last night, but after one bite 
my teens said: "Do I have to eat the rest?").  But with rutabagas, they at 
least ate more than one bite -- no second helpings though!