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Chopped Veggies

For people who don't like to chop vegetables, there is another solution 
besides frozen: the salad bar at your local supermarket. If your  market 
has one, load up on all the chopped bell pepper, celery, cucumber, etc. 
It'll be more expensive than buying the veggies whole, but think of all 
the time you'll save! I don't like thawed frozen veggies eaten raw - 
they're okay in soups and such, but not salad.

I almost never eat salad at home because, for some reason, I hate to 
clean and tear up lettuce, and chop veggies. I never mind chopping 
veggies to make chili or stew or anything else - just salad! Must be some 
forgotten horrible memory lurking somewhere. To make the chore less 
arduous, I occasionally chop everything at once on the weekend, store it 
in the fridge in separate containers, and then try to remember to use it 
all up in salad that week. Anything left can go into soup or stew.

Julie in San Jose