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Teflon Liners, etc.

I have also been searching for the teflon baking sheets and roll-up 
cutting boards Michelle mentioned a while back. Michelle has not been 
forthcoming about where she found these treasures. 

This weekend I wandered into a Lechter's (a kitchenware chain found in 
shopping malls) and found the teflon baking sheet liner (I think it was 
about $1.99). 

They also had some plastic chopping boards that had "hinged" sides so you 
could fold them up and dump your veggies into a bowl like a big funnel. I 
don't know if these are what Michelle has. If you go looking for them at 
Lechter's don't look with the rest of the chopping boards - these were 
hanging on a display pillar along with the teflon liners.

Julie in San Jose