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Yet another comment on "them brownies"

Happy Holidays to everyone!  I've been on this WONDERFUL list for years and
this is my first post.  I sure hope I don't blow it!  I just had to make a
comment on the Chocolate Zuchinni Brownies.  I thought they were great and
instead of putting them in a pan I made cupcakes (a single batch makes 18
cupcakes).  I always try to have something around the house during the holidays
that I can serve guests who stop by and thought these would work great.  I used
the Christmas holly cupcake cups and decorated them with a icing holly sprig 
and berry.  They look really festive.  Obviously they're stored in the freezer 
and I can pull out what I need when I need them.

I'd also like to share how I cook and store my soups.  Very rarely do I cook
for one meal at a time.  I live alone so I don't have to satisfy anyone but me
and I'm lazy.  I cook huge batches of soup, beans, etc. and freeze them in 
24 ounce cottage cheese cartons.  For me that makes two bowls/two meals.  At
the beginning of the week I pull out usually four containers and let them thaw
in the refrigerator and have my meals for the week.  This works great for me.

Again I'd like to wish everyone a great holiday season.  When the list was down
this past week it was so lonely without all of you.  I hope I can come up with
something good and creative that I can share with you again soon!