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Which McDougall to buy

I have been reading the list for a while now and I've used a lot of the
recipes, but I haven't really changed my diet yet.  I'm ready to do this
now.  I know a lot of you follow Dr. McDougall's plans so I'd like some
advice on which is better.

I'm already vegetarian, but I'm very over weight.  I was thinking about
trying to Maximum Weight Loss book.  Is the program easy to follow?  I've
been on various diet plans like Weight Watcher before and have lost weight,
but as you can guess, it all came back with reinforcements.  I don't want
this to happen again and besides I'm almost thirty (ack!) and I can't keep
yo-yoing forever.

Another question I have about it is how it changed your food bill.  I am a
student and my husband is an RN so we don't have a lot of money to spare.
Plus we live in a somewhat rural area that only discovered soy milk and
tofu when I moved here a year ago.  I honestly think I'm the only veggie in
town!  Anyway, there aren't any HFS's so there are a lot of things that I
just can't get easily.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Monica L. Tittle  (and sometimes Robert Tittle) hstrynut@xxxxxxxxx
ICQ #2120658
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