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Re: MacDougall tips

Meryl wrote:
> I HATE to chop and cook for every meal. I
>know he lists a few convenience items, but it is still a lot of work.
>Furthermore, I am not a salad eater... 

When you do cook, make big batches and freeze & refrigerate.
Make a huge batch of beans in the crockpot while you're at
work.  Cook grains at night while you're folding the laundry.

You can buy nice frozen vegetable combinations (rather than 
rooting around in the fridge for bits of this and that, which
still need to be chopped) to dump on top of frozen hashbrowns 
and a half-cup or so of water in a nonstick pan--season generously
and let steam without lid on medium heat until the potatoes are 

I buy the huge jar of chopped garlic at my grocery.  A big bag 
of those "baby" cut fresh carrots are great when you get home 
hungry and need something right away while you're cooking.  
Also, I like Quaker's butter-flavored popcorn ricecakes.

Hope this helps.  I'm looking forward to reading what others do.