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RE: cooling foods

>> It's not supposed to be safe to let foods cool down before you put them
>> in the freezer or fridge.  During that time bacteria can grow.
>> Supposedly it's safest to just put them away immediately.

>I have to say I don't worry about this much, because I'm not cooking meat
>and eggy dishes.  I've left beans out for hours with no ill
>effects--plant foods don't spoil nearly as quickly as animal ones.

	When I was visiting my friends in Costa Rica we had no refrigerator
to use.  (no electricity!)  We therefore had to leave the beans out on top
of the stove (covered of course).  The beans would be heated once in the
morning, and then again at night before eating.  This was done each day
until all were consumed.  We did not get sick, and we ate LOTS of black
beans.  :-)))))))))


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