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Re: Freeze Tofu After Preparation?

Hi, Jed--

You had to know I was going to answer this one.  :-)  I also like to
cook many meals in advance.  Yesterday I cooked 21 days' worth of meals
and froze them in Ziploc bags.  Now I don't have to cook for a while.
Anyway, re:  tofu.  I personally don't like tofu that has been frozen
before cooking.  That chewy texture with the little holes makes me think
I'm eating a dry sponge.  Yuk.

I have had great success freezing blended tofu (as layers in lasagnes,
casseroles, etc.)  It doesn't even seem to get spongy.  I got brave
yesterday and made a baked tofu dish, a stir-fry tofu dish, and a stewed
tofu dish.  I put them all in the freezer, so how about this.  As I
thaw/reheat/eat them, I will post the verdict to the list along with the
recipe (if it passed muster, that is.)  Sound good?  :-)

The Soy Foods Renaissance Woman