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Merle: Choppin' and all

Well, Merle, I'm one of those folks who adores chopping everything, but in
this day of instant everything, I can appreciate your not wanting to do it
for every  (or any?) meal.

Go to your nearest grocery store and you will find plenty of pre-chopped
veggies.  I find that some of  them are actually cheaper than the
out-of-season veggies.

I keep my freezer filled with frozen veggies and even frozen mixed veggies.

Nutritionwise I'd not see that there would be any different.

Even mainstream companies like Morningstar and Green Giant are FINALLY
comming out with FAT FREE meat substitues that taste like the real
thing...but without the grease.

I wondered how they could perform such magic and saw one ingredient (vegan)
that told the story.  They use an ingredient called autolized yeast.  It can
take on any flavor the food engineers wish to impart, then the yeast dies
(so it is safe to eat).

These products, along with fat free burgers from Morning Star are available
in main line grocery stores and as far as I could tell are vegan.  Taste
wonderful!  And is about half the price that the HFS' charge for their

HOWEVER, they have additives which the HFS products don't.  I've yet to see
one that would be considered less beneficial than the ones in the HFS (for
first-time readers, HFS means Health Food Store).

But for goodness sake don't "give it a shot."  DO it.  Then when you have
reached the weight you want STICK WITH THE PROGRAM.

Permanent weight loss means sticking with what you're on because you will
never be hungry, so why would you want to go back to a way of eating that
got you in the shape (pun intended) you're in right now?

I've lost about 25 pounds in the last two months and am on a plateau.  My
fat is turning into muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.  I've been on
that plateau for a couple of weeks.  But don't go by the scale!  I'm able to
fit into clothes I've not been able to wear for two years!

THAT tells the story of weight loss better than any scale could.

Bon chance!