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Re: Thanksgiving?

Sorry if this is an obsolete thread by now -- I tend to look at mail
about once a week so I'm usually a bit behind the times.

The best Thanksgiving idea we've discovered is to use a pumpkin as
a serving dish.  Doesn't much matter what you serve in it, we had
cranberry/apple goop one year, a quinoa/rice pilaf another year.
But having the pumpkin on the table provided the festive central
dish in place of the missing turkey, and made everyone's eyes light
up.  And scraping a little baked pumpkin into most dishes can only

We bake the seeded pumpkin first (45 to 75 minutes at 400 degrees)
and then reheat it (another 10-15 minutes) when it's filled with

Pete McClurkin    petemc@xxxxxxx    Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA